Exploring the Golden Age of Indonesia

The rich cultural heritage of this beautiful archipelago holds stories waiting to be told.

Barong, The Village Protector

The term barong can refer to a mythological animal mask in general. In practice, however, it usually means Barong, a mythical animal figure known to all Balinese.

The Sound of Bali

The music of Bali is extremely complex and vibrant. The original purpose of music here again is to serve religious beliefs, accompanying dances or wayang theaters

Major Holy Days in Bali

It is said there is never a day in Bali without a ceremony of some kind and if you include all the life cycle rites (baby ceremonies, puberty rites, weddings, cremations,Temple festivals), then this adage is probably true.

Golden Age of the Majapahit Empire

The power of Majapahit reached its height in the mid-14th century under the leadership of King Hayam Wuruk and his prime minister, Gajah Mada